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Welcome to my site!

Hello! This is a personal site with lots of cool projects to check out! Unfortunately, a lot of them are barely working/useless. But that's okay! Well, why Googol? You all know the *cough* "world's largest search engine" which is *cough* supposed to know EVERYTHING, but the truth is they can't even spell. Yes, "Google" is a mispelling of the term "googol" which is equivalent to 10100. And the number was invented by a young child, no kidding. So this site is partly inspired by numbers and Material Design (I hear it's no good though). And plus we've got an advertising service for Neocities sites that's much less intrusive than Google Ads called NeoLinks. As a disclaimer, parts of this site are a parody of Google and are by no means affiliated with them. Parodies are legal under law.

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